Royal Mile Whiskies, London

A solid front door and the lack of a lobby meant that the owners of this shop had to operate with their front door open throughout winter, despite facing onto a major central London arterial road. When they moved in there was no window display and cheap wall fittings which would not adequately support the weight of the bottles. The shop was not providing the environment the clients needed for selling high quality malt whiskies and cigars, especially in this part of London.

JGA designed a combined lobby and display area that is as simple, light and airy as possible. It has a lowered ceiling above it to allow lighting for the display and concealing a warm air curtain above the door. The shop front is relatively recent and had been carefully considered as the building is listed. The new parts have to work with its design. An important aim is minimising the loss of natural light by using as small an area of solid panels in the window as possible and the addition of a mirrored end to the window display to bounce more light into the room.

All the old fittings were removed and replaced with a proprietary shelving system. The system was given some minor modifications to make its appearance better. A new sales desk was built of materials complementing the shelving system.

Lighting has been replaced in the main part of the shop as well as being provided for the window display. The fittings were selected to minimise the energy consumption because the lights will remain on for long periods

Colour and materials choices were made with an eye to complementing the natural complexities, challenges and richness of the products on sale.

Design Team

Architects: JGA
Shopfitter: Maxwell Pinborough

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