Industrial Experience

Our industrial experience ranges from the down and dirty prevention of contamination of soils and watercourses from recycling facilities to the delivery of hundreds of thousands of square metres of ultra clean manufacturing space for silicon wafers and opto-electronics, in the process we have worked in teams designing everything from entire campuses of buildings in the USA, Spain, or Taiwan through the first ever Opto-electronics facility in Denmark to a "sticking plaster" for a cracked concrete slab to prove that a clients' site was not the source of pollution of a watercourse.

This sort of work is extremely satisfying; there is no cash available for Architecture, it can only be a result of the construction and can nonetheless transform the work environment for large parts of people's lives:

  • If a client asks why windows are to be included in their building you have to prove that keeping the lights on all day is more expensive in the long run than the additional cost of glazing over cladding.
  • In Denmark there is a requirement to be able to see daylight from all work areas but clean rooms cram as much manufacturing machinery into the space as possible - the solution was to make the air return ducts, where no tools could be placed, glass sided so those inside could see out.
  • A dirty and untidy bund formed from a number of different constructions is a dangerous and unpleasant place to keep clean and is liable fail when it is needed to prevent a severe chemical spill.
  • A clean, properly constructed and appropriately sealed bund that is easy to clean is safer and more likely to be kept clean because it is easy to do so.

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