Temple of Decision,
House of Falkland Estate

Falkland, Fife

As a result of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant for the Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership, the Falkland Stewardship Trust asked JGA to take forward a first package of works to halt decay to the Temple of Decision, a small stone Doric order temple commissioned and paid for by Mr and Mrs Onesiphorus Tyndall Bruce, the clients of the new House of Falkland. The temple was designed by Alexander Roos, a German architect born in Italy who had trained with Karl Friedrich Schinkel in Berlin before moving to Britain. The Temple, built in 1849 high on Green Hill overlooking the House of Falkland and designed to be seen from the Drawing Room was a part of Roos's designs for the garden. It had been roofed and intact between the first and second World Wars but progressively fallen into decay in the intervening period until its portico and much of the walls collapsed sometime after 1980.

Parts of the building that remained standing were in a perilous state and it was only a matter of time before more collapse would happen, so it was decided to use the money available to maximise the walls' stability by careful pinning and deep pointing and repointing as well as making the wall heads cast water off. JGA, Addyman Archaeology & Elliott & Co used a Condition report by Arc Architects to create a package of works to tender for the consolidation with a view to halting the building's further decay and to provide time for further fund raising for its full rebuilding. The works, carried out by LimeRich and Nic Boyes are now complete so that the Trust has time to consider further work and funding applications without fear of the work load increasing.

Volunteers have been invaluable to the project's success with their willing help; A local resident, Mark Ryan donated time, energy and his skills with a drone to record the temple from the air which helps the archaeological work and the jigsaw of rebuilding and the Trusts volunteers cleared the site of vegetation before the work, helped transport the materials and scaffold up the hillside to the site and also helped with the repair work and a local volunteer.

Design Team

Architect: JGA
Structural Engineers: Elliott & Co
Archaeology: Addyman Archaeology
Stone Masons: LimeRich and Nic Boyes Stone Conservator

Conservation Report

Architect: Arc Architects
Quantity Surveyors: Ralph Ogg & Partners
Archaeology: Addyman Archaeology

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