Private Listed House, Helensburgh

This wonderful Category 'B' Listed 1930's 'Moderne' style house by J. S. Baird had been painstakingly rejuvenated by its previous owners when JGA's clients bought it; much of its original fabric was intact including a walnut panelled hallway and a series of lurid "Vitrolite" clad bathrooms. The house was let down as a wonderful family house by the combination of the original kitchen layout and a 1980s reworking of the adjacent scullery area, although the superficial appearance of the kitchen was sleek and 1930's with bright yellow "Vitrolite" tiles cladding all the wall surfaces, the reality of it and the scullery was a series of spaces designed for the practicalities of a pre-war household with a Cook and a Butler, not a modern family.

We created a carefully negotiated package of alterations to form a better arranged family kitchen and dining area, based on the thorough knowledge of the house's original form as shown in the Dean of Guild drawings. The practice had to research methods of removing the floor to ceiling "Vitrolite" glass tiles in order that they can be re-applied once the spaces are re-arranged, the method specified was highly successful, breakages were minimised and the tiles could be reapplied into a seamless re-working of the spaces.

The project was carried out at JGA and Purcell Edinburgh.

Design Team

Architects: Purcell Edinburgh/JGA
Quantity Surveyor: Thompson Gray
Structural Engineers: McGregor McMahon
Photographs Copyright: Chris Humphries

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