Energy Efficiency

Energy bills are rising, reducing costs is sensible. We prefer to reduce energy use first and only then to investigate alternative energy sources, always assessing the cost/benefit balance of making each change.

Simple, easy and cheap alterations made with the occupants in the building or during normal building upgrade can reduce its energy use by 40%. This can be without installing new windows or doors or major works to the building's exterior. Analysis suggests that a full programme of improvements could reduce carbon footprint by 70% or more.

Jonathan Gotelee has worked with Historic Scotland to analyse methods of improving traditional building's energy efficiency and produced reports on Energy Efficiency for Government Departments and other Heritage bodies; he has and is leading teams improving the energy efficiency of buildings built between 1200 and 1984 and now has a great deal of experience understanding and making appropriate improvements to buildings' energy efficiency, this includes:
  • Analysing the effectiveness of constructions and earlier energy saving measures for their impact on an existing building's energy use
  • Making repairs which dry out wet fabric and improve its performance
  • using sheep's' wool as underfloor insulation in timber floors and installing it without lifting the floor boards
  • using natural insulating materials in solid floors
  • installing draught proofing, shutters and thin double glazing in a number of hard to treat buildings
  • augmenting mass stone walls' thermal mass with carefully chosen insulation methods to get significant improvements in heat retention
  • minimising thermal bridging in modern buildings to improve heat loss still further
  • comprehensive alteration and improvement of historic buildings' fabric by adding breathable insulation
  • selecting and analysing appropriate alternative energy generating systems further to reduce energy use.
  • getting permissions to install solar panels, air source heat pumps or biomass boilers in Listed Buildings.

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