Jonathan Gotelee Architect designs for people,

not simply those involved or directly affected by the project but all who might be; whenever in its life. Making people, not formal ideals or finances central necessitates creation being taken very seriously: all the potential users metaphorically sit by the designer's side. The designer has to realise that their decisions must be robust enough to satisfy all users for many generations to come.

The aim is to produce a long term balance of the best from the least without reducing to the lowest.

The world is a combination of complex actions and results. Those results are often not immediately obvious or the product of a single cause. We aim to avoid the unforeseen by reducing projects' complexity, making them robust.

"We attempt to produce designs that form connections between disparate influences and distil them into a coherent result, making the positive aspects of the project into a filter that reduces the negative ones; this should also enhance the opportunities of the project."

The human centred approach

means that the office, by default has an environmental policy, bad environments are already obviously causing immeasurable damage to people's lives, be it individually in the increase of asthma, nationally in the increase in noise, atmospheric and light pollution or globally in the damage that the actions of a 'developed' economy has upon less visible and less strong economies and peoples.

The aim is to produce a long term balance of the best from the least without reducing to the lowest.

JGA's approach,

when confronted with a problem, is to do as little as necessary. We work with the existing to get more rather than wanting to start from somewhere else. The grain of a space, building, area or organisation is not to be eradicated but maintained, nurtured and enhanced to preserve the individual patina of the project.

Preventing an unwanted event occurring for a client should not mean that all other people feel excluded; exclusion acts as a challenge too. For example: A fence to create privacy should also act as a stimulus or pleasure for those excluded.

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